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Just finished a new cartoon!

2012-10-24 09:36:54 by Jeinu

Been meaning to make it for.. forever.

I actually have some interesting early versions of it floating around on my computer. Might stitch those together and have a deconstruction of some sort posted on youtube or something. The character Millie goes back to when I was a wee child of six. Perhaps I'll even dig up those early crayon drawings too.

But in the meantime if you want to see more of my work, you can check out my deviantart, or my webcomic Miamaska. It's sort of a fantasy adventure story with a lot of intrigue, almost at 100 pages so far!

Welp if you guys have any questions about the cartoon or uh, whatever else I do feel free to ask. Or if you just want to yell at me. That's ok too.

Just finished a new cartoon!

Salem now on NG!

2012-10-02 16:04:49 by Jeinu


play it! it has medals and stuff.

New demo reel + webcomic

2011-01-21 17:17:51 by Jeinu

bam check it out and vote! it's under judgement now!

Also check out my webcomic, Miamaska, the story about a girl that wanders into a parking garage and ends up in another world. Almost at chapter 3 already! You're missing out! Read it now!

New demo reel + webcomic

Operation Graveyard complete!

2010-04-30 17:26:22 by Jeinu

Well, kinda. Still gotta add in the SFX, but i'll do that tomorrow or something. (actually it turns out the sound design can't do anything this time, sorry everyone :<)_

Future projects right now:
AMCL IV: MBD - due at the end of the month
Some sort of sequel (kinda) to Get with the Times
uhh some other stuff too

Also it's my birthday next week. I'm still going to be young. wow.

EDIT: thanks for the 1st place! maybe this week i'll be able to eat food instead of scraping off dust from the windowsill for nourishment! yey !!

Operation Graveyard complete!

Upcoming Projects

2009-12-21 20:47:31 by Jeinu

Yes, I've been working on things. Things you will get to see in this upcoming year. Here are three previews of some upcoming projects, in the order they will be released (most likely). None of them are at-all related ever.

First one is a serious short coming soon! Animation is nearly complete. I'm very excited how this one is coming along.

Second preview is a peek at the next Aura Core collab. This one is set to the song "Must be Dreaming" by Frou Frou. Release date sometime in January!

Last is a frame from my old snippets project, which is animation practice synced to music. A lot of exercises in testing out new techniques here, as well as branching into different styles and moods. This preview's from the simplest one, but the rest heavily deal with atmospheric tests. Release date sometime in late Feburary!

On the side, I will be making a webcomic in 2010, for my scrapped project Miamaska. It's a story about a young girl that gets lost in an underground parking garage and ends up in a different dimension. I started on the animation some, but decided I wasn't advanced enough to continue. So now you can check it out when the webcomic launches on 1/10/2010! It will be hosted on Aura Core's website of course.

That's enough talk for one day.

Upcoming Projects

A Demo Reel

2009-01-17 23:54:15 by Jeinu

Why good day, all and all!

I am making a post to announce this short little demo reel which can be viewed with this convenient little link right below here:

this is a link

Little snippets of the past, present, and future. It's slightly over a minute long, so it will take you just a moment to view it.

=v=v=v= 6.27.09 update on projects =v=v=v=

"Hysteria" Collab -- still working on the plot ok !!!
"ACML: IV" Collab -- animatic created !!!
"Snippets" -- 1 part of 5 done !!! rest are in animatics !!!
"Zertarako Amestu" Music Animation -- 1/3 of the animatic !!!
"Miamaska" -- probably i will make this into a webcomic instead because some of it is just way too hard for me to even attempt to animate !!!
"Red Shirt Black Tie" Music Animation -- animatic created !!!

=^=^=^= 6.27.09 update on projects =^=^=^=

That's all I got. So, how was your day?

A Demo Reel


2008-12-07 21:50:28 by Jeinu

It's finally here! Be sure to check it out!

attached are some screens from my part woooo


Miamaska & other unimportant news

2008-07-06 11:30:20 by Jeinu

So what have I been up to eh.

Well, not much. Most of the time through this summer I've been completing unhealthy amounts of speedpainting, most of which you can view on my my deviantart. For the rest of the time, I've been completing my parts for Aura Core's music collab that has Muse music and everything. And in my spare time, I've been working on Snippets v1 and Miamaska.

What is Snippets v1? Animation practice. Synced to music. Simple enough.

What is Miamaska? An original series. The gist of it is, a young kiddo walks into an alternate dimension by getting lost in a parking garage. Here is a little clip, which hasn't been edited or anything. But you can at least see the style I'm going for. But eh. Yeah. It's coming along. Eventually I'll need voice actors. Especially for background noise, but I'll get into that later.

So, that's about it for right now. I also should be workin on some Halegarde probably. But I'll save that for later.

This updated pic is a frame from the second part of the Bliss collab. I finally got his stupid walk cycle down to a method that I like it at.

Miamaska & other unimportant news

And BACK...

2008-05-08 20:58:03 by Jeinu

Back from Spain Land. Back in Merry Can Land. I was really happy to see all the favorites, reviews, and the like! It was a really cool birthday present, so thanks to all of NG! :)))

I have finals these next two weeks so I should probably be busy studying except I know I'm going to slack off on the computer and not even open one textbook even though i probably should so hahaha I'm totally screwed.

This was waiting for me in my inbox. It made me laugh like crazy, though I'm not quite sure why...

And BACK...

Pico Cartoon OUT NOW

2008-04-29 07:48:17 by Jeinu


I had too much fun making this cartoon. Still, a lot of hard work went into it, and I'm rather proud of it :')

So, for my next project, I'm working on another music collab with Aura Core Multimedia of the song Bliss by Muse as well as a side project I've been meaning to get done since December. So we'll see where that takes me.

As for now, I'm off to Villarrobledo to rock out to Berri Txarrak at ViƱarock. I won't actually see the results of how this cartoon will be accepted until May 7th or so (which is my birthday, haha).

Pico Cartoon OUT NOW