Entry #12

Just finished a new cartoon!

2012-10-24 09:36:54 by Jeinu

Been meaning to make it for.. forever.

I actually have some interesting early versions of it floating around on my computer. Might stitch those together and have a deconstruction of some sort posted on youtube or something. The character Millie goes back to when I was a wee child of six. Perhaps I'll even dig up those early crayon drawings too.

But in the meantime if you want to see more of my work, you can check out my deviantart, or my webcomic Miamaska. It's sort of a fantasy adventure story with a lot of intrigue, almost at 100 pages so far!

Welp if you guys have any questions about the cartoon or uh, whatever else I do feel free to ask. Or if you just want to yell at me. That's ok too.

Just finished a new cartoon!


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2012-10-24 10:18:21

this is the movie of the year , it's epic :D the art , animation , background , story , audio and every little thing in this one is epic , you've got my respect for sure :D

Jeinu responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!


2012-10-24 17:30:16

In a lieu of a review (which would take far too much time), let me just say: really, really good, if a little rough around the edge.


Jeinu responds:

Thanks :--)


2012-10-25 01:08:14

Mmmm, six year old scotch! Really glad you saw this through instead of clearing up HD space.

Jeinu responds:

So am I!


2012-10-25 15:01:57

Great animation. Glad it eventually got made. Good art needs time (often anyway). Not sure if I need to see the old work. New work definitely.